Dr. Mozhdeh Shahbazi

Lead Research Scientist, Centre de Géomatique du Québec

Dr. Mozhdeh Shahbazi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering, the University of Calgary since 2016. She is also lead research scientist at Centre de géomatique du Québec since 2019. She is vice president of Canadian remote sensing society (CRSS) and secretory of Working Group II, TCI at ISPRS since 2016. She received her BSc degree in civil/survey engineering in 2009, her MSc degree in geomatics/photogrammetry engineering in 2011, and her Ph.D. in applied geomatics in 2016. At the University of Calgary, she has established a research lab, Autonomous Mapping Lab. Her current research areas include: Development, integration and calibration of ranging and imaging technologies (UAV / MMS); Autonomous and high-precision mapping via vision-guided (unmanned aerial) systems; and the applications of such systems in infrastructure inspection and monitoring, precision agriculture, and mining. At Centre de geomatique du Québec, she supervises a technology-access center that aims for build innovation capacity in photogrammetry, hydrography and remote sensing.

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM EST

Wednesday Dec 9, 2020

Webinar # 3